Church Calender 2020

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September 20th 2020 :-Rehoboth HM Leaders Meeting at 2.00pm to 4.00pm

January 7th-27th 2014 : Prayers/Fasting commitment in progress, (Daniel’s fast)

February 8th  2014, RHM Leaders Meeting (Every month henceforth)

February 9th 2014: Lord’s Table

April 13th 2014: Lord’s Table

April 18th-20th 2014: Youth conference, Friday (evening), Saturday (all day event) and Sunday (youth service)

May 11th 2014: Mother’s day Conference

May 15th 2014: Father’s day Conference

July 13th 2014: Children’s Day

August 10th 2014: Water Baptism Rehoboth Harvest Ministry Church

August 17th 2014: The Lord’s Table

August 22nd-24th 2014: Three Day All Conference

September 13th 2014: Funds Drive for the Church Van

November 23rd 2014: Thanks Giving Service

December 21st 2014: Christmas Service and the Lord’s Table

December 31st 2014: New Year Night service

July 18th-20th 2014: Youth Conference

August 29th-31st 2014: Dallas Texas Conference



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  1. Pastor Joseph Karanja

    To all our members in our congregation.
    Starting this year we are putting in our church calendar to guide the church in all its programs and projects for 2017.
    Please keep in touch and visit our website regularly.

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