A Gift For Christmas

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It happened over two thousand years ago that God gave His only begotten Son as per the word in John 3:16. He came for us to be saved that we may not perish but have everlasting life. It is so important to know about this day and this great gift to the world.

When we are eating and enjoying ourselves and having powerful family gatherings and others traveling by air, road or rail; remember you are so special to God for your creation was also special. He created you with His hands.

So have a moment wherever you are to thank the Lord for the good He has done to you. For already you have the first miracle this day of being alive. Thank you.

Think of also where you will go after this life to join up with your Lord. God bless you as you enjoy a Merry Christmas. We love you so much and we shall continue praying for you.

By Pastor Joseph Karanja

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